November Photo Challenge – Earth

Thank you Kim for this challenge, if any of my followers want to find out more, pop over to her blog at I am . It’s full of wonderful photos and some great sewing projects.

Oh my what muddy wellies!

This is a part of a wall to a ruin that isn’t a stones throw from where I live, as can be seen the walls are made up of rocks and soil with a render on both sides to keep the whole thing together.  Once the render is breached it doesn’t take too long for the weather to work into the fabric of the building and slowly the process of returning the building back to Mother Earth begins. My house is made in the same way although the walls are much thicker and the render is intact but sometime in the distant future the same fate awaits my home, sad perhaps but natural.

Earth, that wonderful structure that allows the plants to thrive and therefore feeding us and the other creatures who rely upon the goodness of plants and the other creatures that inhabit it.

I hope you have enjoyed my selection for Earth.


6 thoughts on “November Photo Challenge – Earth

  1. Love the wellies. I’ve always loved them and lived in them as a child. Then, as an adult, I went looking to get some and all the shop assistants looked at me like I was nuts (which, of course, I am but they’re not supposed to let on that they know). I’d ask for Wellington boots and they’d give me the crossed-eyed look. Turns out, here in South Africa, they’re called gumboots.

    • Gumboots gosh that sounds rather sticky, I love being able to wander over the land stamping in puddles because in Portugal it’s not that often that you get puddles. Anyway being nuts is a great way of life it works for me anyway.

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