CBBH Photo Challenge – Blue

Thank you once again Marianne for the  CBBH Photo Challenge having a month to decide the photos and who to mention is a lovely way to search through photographs already taken or to go out and deliberately source new photos. My camera seems to be like another companion who is forever with me. I feel it gives me a new perspective on sights I take for granted.

This old door couldn’t have been opened for some considerable time judging by the way the morning glory had taken over and pushed it’s way over the top. Such wonderful blue flowers

This photo is taken by my house, in fact the chimney in the bottom left hand corner is  connected to our wood burning stove. 

A very typical blue scene from Portugal with blue skies, seas and painted fishing boats.

Now in compliance with the challenge and with a very glad heart I would like to mention these two blogs this month:-

My first one is Shairchair who keeps me abreast of all the lastest in computer things and I can even surprise youngsters with some of my knowledge, not bad for an olden, and that’s all down to Sharechair.

My next one is Long life cats and dogs for her blog all about animals, she resides in South Africa and gives an insight about her life, her humour is very catching too.


16 thoughts on “CBBH Photo Challenge – Blue

  1. Of course, I love all your photographs, but my favourite is the old door with the beautiful 2Morning Glory” blue flowers. What a picture that is!

    I do so love to be able to share links to great blogs with other blogging friends and, it´s particularly nice to come across some new places to visit.

    Thanks for a wonderful entry to this month´s CBBH Photo Challenge!

    • Thank you for you comments, the blue flower is called Morning Glory, but as a child I referred to them as “Pop out of beds” because if you pinch the very bottom of the flower the head jumps out of your hand. Not a kind way to treat a flower I know now, but it was fun when I was a child.

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