Elemental November – Air

Well Kim at I AM once again thank you for this challenge, pop over and see her photographs for yourself I promise you wont be disappointed.

These wind turbines are very close to where we live,  Ian and I call them the guardians as they produce renewable electricity and guard us against pollution.  Love them or hate them, they are here to stay and they keep our air quality good and are not using up valuable resources..

I had so much fun getting this picture. Imagine my husband and myself standing on top of our cisterna, with Ian having to blow bubbles.  After several attempts and so much laughing, I didn’t really think I would get any photos with bubbles in them, I managed to obtain this one. Bubbles floating regally in the air, phew I hope you think it was worth it.

My last choice is this one showing a Portuguese flag proudly flapping in the wind proclaiming a nations identity. 

I had fun compiling this selection, I hope that maybe one of them made you smile.


10 thoughts on “Elemental November – Air

  1. While your photos in and of themselves didn’t necessarily make me smile, your description did. Ian standing on a cistern blowing bubbles is one photo that is now indelibly etched in my brain- even though I have no idea what he really looks like. Good job!

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