Quotography Monday

I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world with have a generation of idiots. –

Albert Einstein

Once again thank you to Paul for his idea and challenge of Quotography Monday, his blog can be found at Words & Pictures. Click here to pop over and take a look and perhaps participate in the wonders of putting pictures and photographs together.


8 thoughts on “Quotography Monday

  1. He was right about a lot of things 😉
    Good one Gerty . Love the gramaphone just the ticket for a little Soiree with Cocktails and Dancing …

    • Probably boggled eyed, with slack muscles and speaking text speak. Oh dear that’s not much of a prediction is it? Perhaps they will just put aside their gadgets and get on with real life. Who knows?

  2. I love it! I see your copyright on the photo so I know the picture is yours. But is the gramaphone yours? I understand vinyl is making a comeback. I’d love to have my old stereo again.

    • Hi Paul, no it isn’t mine the gramophone belongs to the chap who owns our favourite cafe, it’s in working order although it sounds a little the worse for wear. Yes, some of the “old” things are making a return, I wonder why? Perhaps life is too fast now and people long for quieter slower days.

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