Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge – Lines.

My thanks go to Cee at Cee’s Life Photography for this week’s theme Lines, her challenge is Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge (click on the link to see more) with the empathise on fun. I didn’t have much in my archives to tackle this theme so I walked outside with my trusty camera and took the following three.

Number one is this one, I’ve called it “Chicken wire with raindrops” not very original I know but it really does fit!CHICKEN WIRE & RAINDROPS

My second one is this, a split rock showing all the bands of rock crystal that hide inside.CRYSTAL ROCK

Finally I chose this one as the lines are made by nature and honestly I just like the way the rain drops hang in there.LINES ON BANANA LEAF

Well that’s my attempt at this challenge, hope you like them.


4 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge – Lines.

  1. Gerty ! I feel like running along that springy looking chicken wire lololol
    and now I’m trying to guess no 3… Do you hang your narnas outside ??? …. or is that a song …
    Great Pictures !

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