Sunday Stills – Texture

This is the first time I’ve attempted this challenge, thank you Ed from Sunday Stills for setting this challenge. Each Sunday he lets you know what the challenge for the following Sunday will be, so that gives you a whole week to select your photograph or to take one that fits. Click on  next  for the next challenge, it’s a great one.


This photo is of one of my cockerels feathers caught on my roof, showing the paint peeling off from an area of concrete that had been painted to resemble the tiles. I liked the textures and the fact that the feather was so soft whilst the concrete was, well, rock hard!


19 thoughts on “Sunday Stills – Texture

  1. Just Beautiful . I ❤ this .
    Perfect contrast of textures ! The peeling paint reminds me of tree bark …..

    Name That Cockerel ! He deserves a bit of publicity…

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Poppy. I’m not too sure about whose feather it was so if you think “he” deserves a bit of publicity I’ll have to name them all so here goes. Sir John, Shaking Stephens, Victor Vodaphone, The Changeling and last but by no means least William. It would be so much easier if I only had one!

  2. I had to come by for another look Gerty ! It really is one of my favourites of yours 🙂
    Seeing that feather again it is just *So* delicate you have the outline perfectly captured with the depth of focus !

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