Sunday Stills – Pets

My thanks go to Ed at Sunday Stills for this challenge. Each Sunday he lets you know what the challenge for the following Sunday will be, so that gives you a whole week to select your photograph or to take one that fits.

Hi, my name is Toppy and I sometimes write a post on my female human’s blog Paradise has Mosquitoes but when I found out about this challenge I thought “Yes I’ll do this one”.


I want to tell you about Bonny, approximately three years ago my humans were talking to another human a little way from where we live when a horrible apparition appeared.  She was very badly injured, with a gaping wound in her throat and her knee cap was twisted to the side of her leg. She was unable to bark and she was so thin that all her bones stood out. She was nothing but a limping skeleton.

My male human headed home in the car to get the dog cage in the back of it and he filled it with everything soft he could lay his hands on.  The other human went off to get the dog some food and my female human stayed with her to keep her safe.

When my male human returned the dog had been fed and was sitting by my female human having a cuddle. She was helped into the car and settled down on the soft cushions. On arrival home my humans decided to leave her in the car, where she could doze in the wintery afternoon sunshine in comfort and with her tummy full until they could get her to the vet.

I don’t think any of us thought she would return from the vets.  It was there that she was given the name Bonny by my female human. After two hours the vets allowed my humans to take her home. My humans nick-named her “The Tripod” dog as she couldn’t put one leg on the ground. I have to say she got round very quickly on only three legs, luckily within a couple of weeks she could put the leg on the ground and run and run.

This photograph shows her a few days after she came to live with us, I honestly couldn’t show you one of her before that as she looked just too horrible.  The little coat she is wearing was made from an old polo shirt of my male human. Bonny had very little fur on her body so the coat was to keep her warm and to stop people staring at her in horror, she didn’t need that.


A big pink sloppy tongue slurps happily at what’s left of an ice-cream lolly.

See what love and determination can do. Hope you like this post and remember rescued animals do make for great company.


26 thoughts on “Sunday Stills – Pets

    • Oh thank you, I haven’t written about Bonny before because my humans wondered if the story was too horrific. Bonny and I get along really well but don’t tell my humans that, I like to let them think I don’t approve.

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  2. Thank you for sharing the photo of Poppy and the story about the dog that was rescued. That says a lot about the love and caring in your family. (Portugal is such a beautiful country).

  3. Lovely post and a happy story. Bonny reminds me of a big handsome greyhound who wandered into our yard last year, he was also skeletal and had what looked like a gunshot wound on his neck. We had just taken in Cookie, so we were not in a position to keep him but one of the greyhound rescue organisations took him in thank goodness.
    These strays and waifs give so much love, I cannot understand how their former owners can mistreat them like this.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. Yes I agree with you, these rescued animals give such a wonderful love and attention. Bonny lives with us and has brought us much joy.

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