Weekly Photo Challenge – Illuminate

I decided to turn to nature for this challenge after viewing so many wonderful blogs and feeling that my photographs just don’t seem to come up to the mark.  So I thought I’d let nature be my illumination!

This rainbow was taken on Christmas Day on our way back from the beach it was visible for miles around and I thought it was a wonderful illumination.RAINBOW

My second attempt is a sunset but one that just focused on a single cloud, nature at it’s best.SUNSET

I hope you think that I’ve managed to rise to the challenge


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Illuminate

  1. Nature wins hands down very often Gerty ! Boy- you were lucky to get a rainbow on Christmas Day … must be prophetic of something … but don’t ask me what 😉
    Look at your land there with that gorgeous sunset dipping down behind … marvellous …
    Our lovely Hills get in the way of a proper sundowner here looks like you could sit with one in your hand and an eye on the other 😀 … and I won’t believe you if you say you never have !!!

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