CBBH Photo Challenge – Reflections

My thanks go to Marianne at East of Málaga for this challenge. Marianne sets a monthly challenge so you can take as much of the month as needed to get  your selection of photographs together.

My first offering is Almond Blossom in a wing mirror of our mechanics van parked in our driveway as he repaired our car.BLOSSOM IN WING MIRROR

I’ve chosen this reflections as the object also seems to be reflecting on what might have passed.REFLECTION OF STATUE IN SILVES

My next attempt was taken at Faro Airport in the early morning as I was waiting to fly off on holiday to the UK with my husband.EARLY MORNING TAKE OFF

My last is the reflections in the stream that runs through just past Alte.REFLECTION OF STATUE - ALTE

And now for another wonderful aspect of this challenge, Marianne asks each contributor to name two blogs so that more bloggers get their blogs noticed by others. I really enjoy doing this as there are just so many good blogs out there.

I have decided to do ‘foody” blog recommendations this time. Both of the following have wonderful recipes, easily understood with clear and concise instructions. I have made several meals, cakes etc from both of them and they have always been successful so I have no problems in recommending them.

In no order of preference, Home Made with Mess and Frugal Feeding. Pop over and take a look you might feel that you won’t need a recipe book again.


5 thoughts on “CBBH Photo Challenge – Reflections

  1. Reflections is such a nice theme isn’t it Gerty.
    I like the ‘reflective’ pose of the Carved Man sculpture – that’s a clever take on it, plus the reflections are smooth on the top and waterey ruffled at the side of the plinth !
    The stream colours are those lovely blue skies in with tree golds and greens which always look good.
    I do believe he was tipping his hat to you !

  2. I love how you have put so much thought into this month’s challenge. It really shows 🙂 Very well done, you’ve surpassed yourself this time!

    It’s often difficult to choose a favourite, but I am strangely drawn to the clouds reflecting on the aircraft wing.

    Thanks for sharing links to two blogs you enjoy. It’s always a joy to find new places to hang out 🙂

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