Sunday Stills – the letter F

Ed over at Sunday Stills sets this challenge and each Sunday he lets you know what the challenge for the following Sunday will be, so that gives you a whole week to select your photograph or to take one that fits. Thank you for this challenge Ed.

Well I thought what have I got in my archives to fit the bill, our weather this week has been very gloomy with plenty of rain, and no I’m not complaining about the rain we desperately need it but I just haven’t been able to get out to take a photo for this challenge.  I remembered these photos I took on Christmas Day when Ian and I went for a wonderful walk along the cliffs. I’ve entitled this photos – Fearless Fisherman or Foolish Fisherman, you decide which one you feel fits.FISHERMAN 1FISHERMAN 4

Hope you enjoyed my collection.


20 thoughts on “Sunday Stills – the letter F

  1. Well caught ! and that’s you Gerty 🙂
    Really these are terrific shots – if you enlarge you can even see the line bait /float.
    How on earth would he manage to stay up there if he caught a big one 😉

  2. Great picture.
    I guess I’d go for foolish, not because of where he’s standing but because of the way he’s leaning forward. 🙂 I enlarged them, they look even better then.

  3. thatz too far…. i think he is brave and knowz what he is on to…. Dont u all read about this guy who jumped from space? what was he up to? took 4 hrs to reach there and just 9 minuts to fall? every efforts to fall and reach ground?………..we all just watched him in the home screen, just try it. Like this guy, fish from cliff and feel your first catch and eating them back at home with loved ones. I think thatz the life we should live.

    • Yes I do agree that catching fish and eating it fresh is a wonderful idea but why couldn’t you just fish from the beach? Perhaps my sense of adventure has departed with age because danger isn’t my idea of fun now!

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